Pair of Neutral balanced loudspeaker cables

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These high quality, ‘neutrally balanced’ cables are suitable for all makes and type of loudspeakers. They were originally developed for the Sibelius SG & CG loudspeakers (see description below). All our cables are hand assembled in Belgium.

Note: when calculating cable length for Sibelius loudspeakers, please add an additional 80cm from the floor to the rear terminal posts.

The quantity and prices given below are for one set of four cables (2 red + 2 black) enough for one pair of loudspeakers.

Additional information

During the development of the Sibelius loudspeaker we had to decide what cables to use to power them. And although we chose for 2 X 1,5mm, silver plated, low oxygen copper multi-strand for the short link between the drive unit and the rear terminal posts, we had to agree on the cable to use between amplifiers and cabinets. There can be no doubt that cables are in fact 'components' and they can (and do) have an influence on the sound; especially because the Sibelius drive cone is directly coupled to the output terminals of the amplifier. The results of our discussions was to go for a 'neutral' option by using readily available multi-strand copper. If we could get the sound exactly where we wanted it with 'msc' then this could form the basis from which our customers could fine tune their installations.
But there is more to a cable than just its primary conductor. There is also the question of the connectors and sheathing. For a start we wanted our cables to lie nice and flat on the floor and to have a matt black casing, so as not to detract or glisten in artificial light. In addition, because the Sibelius terminal posts are positioned relatively high up on the back of the cabinet (80cm from the floor, when on Sibelius stands), we wanted a clamp system to ensure they could not fall out or accidentally be removed.

Technical specifications
Speaker end: 4 times Pearl Acoustics 23-carat gold-plated lock connectors with high clamping force due to the expandable centre mandrel
Amplifier end: 4 times Pearl Acoustics 23-carat gold-plated lock connectors with high clamping force due to the expandable centre mandrel

Electrical resistivity: 0.0033 ohm-m
Central conducting core: 80 X 0,3mm low oxygen copper strands

Internal casing: Elastomer polymer

External casing: Polychloropreen

Class 5:
Fire resistance to: EN 13501-6: Eca
Nominal working temperature range: -20 deg C to + 60 deg C


Shipping weight 8 kg
Shipping dimensions 330 × 310 × 340 mm

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