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“When you listen to the Pearl Acoustics single driver loudspeakers called ‘Sibelius’, you will hear EVERY instrument ..”

The Sibelius CG

The Sibelius CG is audibly identical to the SG in every aspect. It is only difference is the colour of its drive cone.

The Sibelius CG, like its SG counterpart, is designed to deliver extremely lifelike sound reproduction for all genres of music, but especially classical, jazz, folk, blues and rock. From solo voice to small ensembles, chamber, symphonic orchestras and full on rock, the Sibelius CG faithfully reproduces the full dynamics of the original recording. Its shallow drive cone delivers a very wide and natural soundstage.

Close your eyes and the enclosures disappear.

“Every hour of listening is deep diving into music.
And that is what it is meant to be, in my personal opinion!”

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