Pair of Sibelius protective covers

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Our protective covers have been designed to protect your Sibelius speakers’ drive units from accidental harm when not in use. Very useful for protecting from well meaning cleaners or households with young children or cats & dogs!

Additional information

Our hoods have been customed designed and are handmade in a black acrylic 'draylon' type material. They are lined with a silky material and filled with a soft padded cushion for added protection. Each cover is finished with a  'Pearl Acoustics logo' that can be faced to the rear, if desired. Experience tells us that accidents can and do happen and we believe that our protective hoods offer good value for money if your speakers are placed in houses where cleaners, young children or pets can possibly cause some damage to the drive units when the speakers are not in use. Better to be safe rather than sorry?

Size: 250mm wide x 270mm high x 280mm deep


Shipping weight 1 kg
Shipping dimensions 600 × 400 × 60 mm