Sibelius SG (pair) – Medium Oak – Satin finish

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A beautiful pair of Sibelius loudspeakers with a wonderful, rich grain pattern on their fronts. Each pair has their own unique characteristics, and with this pair shows off how beautiful the differing patterns of natural french oak can be (see for example the third photograph where you can see this in all its beauty).

This pair, numbered S001119 L&R, like all Sibelius loudspeakers, deliver an extremely natural and lifelike reproduction of all music genres. Close your eyes and the musicians are there performing right in front of you in your listening room. The drive cones have been run in for 360 Hours with source material that includes; the human voice, classical music, rock music, opera, country, jazz, folk, and speech. After run in, the drive cones were tested, matched, paired and then placed into their enclosures, where they were given a final test.

The Sibelius SG/CG is a single drive unit, floor standing loudspeaker utilising an internal front loaded, quarter wave ‘V’ horn. It has a shallow, all alloy drive cone which is mounted into a 3,2cm thick, solid French oak cabinet. Apart from the silver plated copper cored internal connecting leads, its terminal posts and internal dampening materials, The Sibelius SG/CG has no other components.

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All Pearl Acoustics Sibelius loudspeakers come with a 10 year warranty and are safely double-boxed for international shipping.

Specifications: (See Pearl Acoustics website for more info: -

We highly recommend our custom stands to offer improved acoustics, stability and protection from accidental damage by vacuum cleaners and floor cleaning products.


Shipping weight 29 kg
Shipping dimensions 1190 × 380 × 500 mm
Speaker Weight (Per Speaker)

23kg (each)

Speaker Dimensions (Per Speaker)

1093mm (H) 225mm (W) 295mm (D)

Amplifier pairing

All high quality amplifiers with a power output of 8 watts per channel and above


87db @ 1W @ 1 meter

Frequency range

38Hz-20Khz. (-6db occurs in most acoustically well balanced listening rooms at around 32-36Hz)


7.2 Ohm

Maximum output

105db @ 1 Meter peak (in practice consider 96db-98db as a working maximum)

Power handling

35 Watts RMS – 70 Watts peak

This item: Sibelius SG (pair) - Medium Oak - Satin finish

Out of stock

€ 4950 excl. tax & shipping
€ 4950 excl. tax & shipping
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