Derek Cottrell

“I have owned a lot of hi-fi over the years, enjoying sharing my time with both classic and new equipment. Now retirement looms and finances dictate other priorities, I now need to rein in my shopping habits.  If there was one system I once owned that I would ...

Gábor H

The Sibelius loudspeakers arrived and are installed. The unpacking was not too complicated. The speakers are beautiful. I placed them on stands with spikes I had got earlier. I took your advice and moved the Sibelius loudspeakers to the inside and to my ...

France & Xavier

Dear Harley, Thank you so much, I just found happiness I followed your advice, placed the speakers in the room and connected them to the SET Tube amplifier. I played the first CD and I stayed speechless. I thought it was because I did not know this CD ...

Grete & Stefan

Obviously, we bought these speakers for the quality of the sound they produce. And they most definitely do not disappoint (provided the recordings are good) “rubbish in, rubbish out.” What’s really impressive, is their apparent simplicity. We chose for a ...

Paul T

Here’s a quick picture of the speakers in place. The new equipment is on order, but even my wife was amazed at how good these sound using the old Nakamichi. I’ll send more pictures after we return and the new equipment is installed.


“I’d never heard of Pearl Acoustics’ Sibelius Loudspeakers until I read a thread about them in PFM (Pink Fish Media). I have to say I was intrigued – solid oak cabinet, …”

Keith D

“I managed to unbox the speakers yesterday evening, set them up and listen to them for a short while but I want you to know that these speakers sound fantastic!”

Philip E

“I have found some time to listen to my new ‘Sibelius CG’ loudspeakers and I’m very happy! Music is a joy to listen to and they sound superb. “


“There is a totally unexpected result of your speakers in this tiny room. It is as if I am wearing a very clever set of headphones that have GPS so they know where you are in the concert hall.“

Daniel Geiger

“Thanks for sending the pair of Sibelius SG speakers. I have had them for a couple of months now and enjoy them immensely. I include below a bit of a discussion that may help others “


“Telling more about my experience with my new combo of your Sibelius loudspeakers and my Pass Labs XA25 amplifier. That’s a wonderful combination, indeed.“


“My wife summed it up best…’these speakers and this album sounds identical to the concert we just went to.’ “