Dear Harley,

Thank you so much, I just found happiness

I followed your advice, placed the speakers in the room and connected them to the SET Tube amplifier.

I played the first CD and I stayed speechless. I thought it was because I did not know this CD very well, so I played one that I am very familiar with.  My wife and I felt as if it was the first time we were listening to this artist. The voice, all the details, it was easy to follow each instrument individually.

I read articles from people saying they could hear music in a very detailed manner, but I was not sure about that as I had never experienced it myself – until now.

You just opened a new door in my musical life, and I know I will have hours and hours to listen to my CD collection and “hear” them again, but for the first time.

Harley, I wish you all the best for the years to come. Your contribution to making people happy should be more widely spread.

Kind regards,


I was so impressed by the music itself that I completely forgot to tell you about the construction of the speakers: I love these solid oak cabinets, beautiful!