Hi Harley,

I managed to unbox the speakers yesterday evening, set them up and listen to them for a short while but I want to let you know that at first blush, these speakers sound fantastic! They disappear and print a believable listening stage. There is more front to back placement of sounds than I have ever heard, and the detail and timber revealed significantly new information. You can consider me a happy customer!
Thanks for producing such a wonderful product!

One week later:

Hi Harley,

In the meantime, I have been able to do some serious listening to the loudspeakers. I have not yet finished going through all the types of music I play. However, I want to reiterate that I am completely pleased with the Sibelius SG loudspeakers.

Over the years I have owned multiple speakers. The most memorable ones were Acoustats (electrostatics) and three different pairs of Magneplanars. Owning those speakers made my believe that the right speaker for me would always be some kind of panel speaker. Like the Sibelius SGs, the Acoustics played the full range over the entire panel and I loved the coherence they provided across the sound spectrum.

The Magnaplanars also produced naturally sounding music (to me) but they were never a match for the Acoustics. Your loudspeakers are on a par with the Acoustats in that regard. I look at them in wonder because I never thought that a single drive unit could produce such a coherent sound. The quarter wave design of the cabinet extends the low-end to the point that I don’t feel wanting in bass at all. It’s like I have the best of LS3/5A type speakers (incredible resolution) with the added benefit of extending the low end to the level of a full range speaker.

I agree with the reviews I read from your site that Sibelius loudspeakers seem to disappear (like a Rogers or Harbeth) but I was also surprised by the soundstage extension from front to back. In short, they are the perfect speaker for my situation where I want as much sound as possible in a small space. In fact, they give me the same satisfaction as electrostatics!

It took a while to get them set up properly. I ended up toeing them in ever so slightly (based on a review I read from another quarter wave speaker) and it made all the difference in the world. I hope what I am saying makes sense. I can’t think of any other loudspeaker that delivers the same satisfaction at your price point.

Keith D., CA, USA