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Our 170 stereo power amplifier has been designed to deliver a refined, organic and natural soundstage, without being over analytical. With the 170 we wanted realism, with a sense of ‘being there’, not just for powering our Sibelius loudspeakers but for all makes and models.

The Pearl Acoustics 170 single ended power amplifier, is a totally new ground-up bespoke design, the result of working together with some of the best minds in the business. The amplifier features an extremely short signal path, bespoke, custom designed output transformers and power supply circuitry. Our design concept has been focused on sustainability by incorporating product longevity into every aspect of its design, without limiting its clean, engaging and holographic sound performance. Musical finesse with very fine details and superb dynamics have been combined into a piece of equipment that is designed to last ‘forever’.

This item: 170 Single-Ended vacuum tube power amplifier
€ 8295 excl. tax & shipping
€ 8295 excl. tax & shipping
1 × Pair of Neutral balanced loudspeaker cables
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Additional information

- Dual mono, single ended design
- 0dB global feedback (of any kind)
- Ultra short signal path
- No solid-state devices in the signal path
- No followers or buffers in the signal path
- High current and low impedance design
- Minimal discrete wiring for optimum signal propagation
- Logical sequenced soft-start power up for extended tube life
- Power tube and electronic protection circuit system
- Automatic self-regulating, cathode bias topology
- Custom designed and made transformers
- Chassis mounted valve sockets (for improved stability and lifespan)
- EU and CE approval
- Automotive paint finish
- Hand made in the U.K.

All Pearl Acoustics Sibelius amplifiers come with a 3 year warranty and are safely boxed for international shipping.


Shipping weight 45 kg
Shipping dimensions 600 × 600 × 500 mm
Power output

18W per channel

Frequency response

20Hz to 20kHz

Loudspeaker compatibility

Stable down to 2ohms




0.5% 2nd and 0.03% 3rd harmonic at 1W into 8ohms

Input sensitivity

1Vrms for 18W into 8ohms

Input impedance


Dampling factor


Power consumption

250W in use & 0.9W (max) in standby


405mm x 235mm x 375mm (whd) – unpacked


31kg (unpacked)

The news is out…. we have been working on the development of a single ended, Class A Tube power amplifier. It is currently in its ‘testing and tweaking’ phase. This can still go on for a little while because we want it to be absolutely perfect when we launch! However, our current target is to be ready in early 2024.

If you’re interested in the development of our amplifier, or if you would like a first chance to possibly acquire one, then feel free to fill out the form on the right. We will keep you updated with all news regarding our amplifier (even a sneak preview)! Additionally you can follow us on social media for an extra source of Pearl Acoustics news.

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